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Vin Infante

Vin Infante is a Master Mindset Coach & Psychotherapist with a passion for cultivating lasting change and maximizing results.


Vin is a Master Mindset Coach, licensed psychotherapist & Keynote Speaker. He has spent over a decade learning and working with thousands of people in varying capacities, including hospitals, clinics, in-patient units, homeless shelters, school systems, and private practice. With an extensive background in psychology, mindset, behavior, neurology, and physiology, he uses his knowledge to help individuals unlock and achieve their unique definition of success.

​Vin received his undergraduate degree in Psychology with accolades from Psi-Chi national honor society and went on to achieve his Master’s in Social Work with a clinical focus; he was a fully licensed psychotherapist at age 23. After a decade in traditional psychotherapy roles, he wanted to create a more meaningful impact with a genuine connection with his clients.

​In an attempt to find a better way, Vin began studying Life Coaching. Initially viewed as an excellent source for his own personal development, Vin realized there was a lot of power and legitimacy in the coaching world. Vin then pursued his Strategic Intervention Coaching certification from Tony Robbin’s RMT training, shifting his focus to providing more significant results as a Mindset Coach. At this same time, Vin was called to become an FDNY firefighter; a childhood dream came to fruition. He served as a firefighter during the Covid-19 pandemic while simultaneously building his hybrid coaching practice. He later resigned from the FDNY to help people in the way he felt best utilized his gifts and passion by creating a unique process providing rapid client results.

Vin’s hybrid service combines traditional therapy, mentoring, leadership, and mindset coaching to lead to a more effective form of self-mastery and rapid results. This method allows clients to find a reliable service to grow themselves, their relationships, and their businesses. This hybrid service tackles many issues that leave people feeling that despite the help they receive, there is still something they can’t figure out, leaving them stuck and frustrated. Vin currently works with entrepreneurs, start-up founders, executives, and C-suit teams. 

Vin created this service after receiving his coaching, therapy, and mentoring experiences. He noticed there is always something lacking when you receive only one form of help, which led to him wondering why more people don’t just combine services to save time, money, and frustration. Realizing there was an actual need for a service like this, Vin set out to impart all his knowledge & experiences to bring this to the people he works with.


Vin was featured in International Business Times as “a top coach to follow in 2022” and was on Entrepreneur’s Magazine’s Action & Ambition Podcast as an expert in the coaching field and was also invited to share a speech for a virtual summit hosted by Les Brown in 2021. 

Vin continues to share his views and visions of how people can create lasting change, with the most prominent belief that it all starts with a mindset. Once you master your mindset, you can unlock your inner leader and change your life and the entire world around you! Vin’s Mission is to impact 1,000,000,000 lives through his journey in this world, and he hopes you will be one of them!

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