Vincent Infante is a certified life & executive coach with a passion to help others achieve their own success.


Vin Infante is a Board-Certified life coach, licensed psychotherapist and former FDNY firefighter and former certified personal trainer. Vin has dedicated over a decade to working with people and has had a vast amount of experience in connecting with others and creating lasting changes through Cognitive behavioral therapy, routine and structure implementation, and goal-oriented action plans. Working as a personal trainer Vin learned to help people push their physical limits, remove self-doubt, and test themselves to achieve more from a physical and nutritional level. Psychotherapy was the foundation of Vin’s teachings to help people learn more about their unique needs, and the ways they can meet them positively. As a firefighter Vin developed a deeper understanding of what it means to be a part of “New York’s Bravest” and dedicated his time to the city of New York along with other first responders dealing with the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Through training in the Fire department Vin began to implement high levels of discipline, routine and structure when working with clients to keep them accountable for their lives, goals, and changes. As a Life coach Vin took the time to carefully learn to pick apart people’s barriers, blockages, and create new levels of goal driven focus leading to much higher levels of success in client’s abilities to create the change that they desire in their lives.

After resigning from the FDNY, Vin has dedicated his full time and attention to leading a life coaching company and giving a next level experience to his clients. This is where he teaches clients from a holistic standpoint implementing various lessons and skills, he picked up during the different trainings he’s been through to create a truly transformational experience.