Vin is a certified Mindset/ High-Performance Coach; licensed psychotherapist. He has spent over a

decade learning and working with thousands of people in varying capacities, including hospitals, clinics,

in-patient units, homeless shelters, school systems, and private practice. With an extensive background

in psychology, mindset, behavior, neurology, and physiology, he uses his knowledge to help individuals

unlock and achieve their unique definition of success.

Vin received his undergrad degree in Psychology with accolades from Psi-Chi national honor society and

went on to achieve his Master’s in Social Work with a clinical focus; he was a fully licensed

psychotherapist at the age of 23. It was around his 9th year in the mental health field he wanted to

create a more meaningful impact through genuine connection with his clients.

That is when Life Coaching peaked Vin’s interest as he began studying it, initially, for his own personal

development. He hired his own coach and fell in love with all that coaching entails, especially the ways

in which it created long-lasting change in his own life. Vin then pursued his Strategic Intervention

coaching certification from Tony Robbin’s RMT online training, shifting his focus to providing greater

results as a Mindset and Performance Coach. At this same time, Vin had been called to become a FDNY

firefighter (which was one of his lifelong dreams aside from being a therapist). He served as a firefighter

during the Covid-19 pandemic year while simultaneously building his coaching practice -- and later

resigned from the FDNY to serve people in the way he felt best utilized his gifts and passion.


Vin is continuing to expand his coaching practice as it now remains his full-time focus. He aims to teach

about mindset, strategy, goal-setting, and creating life transformations. Currently embarking on his 12 th

year in mental health, Vin hopes to help his clients achieve a holistic standard of living that targets

peoples’ mindset, sense of fulfillment, and overall quality of life.

Vin Infante is a certified mindset & performance coach with a mission to impact 1,000,000,000 lives as he helps cultivate change in this world