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Unlocking the power of community and relationships

Group Coaching

Join a high performing network

Grow alongside like-minded individuals

Speak life into one another

Learn invaluable lessons from those who have already gone through it

Generate new ideas through group brainstorming 

Become who you are destined to be


Unlocking the Power of Community and Relationships in The Alliance 

Are you looking for a high-performance community that prioritizes powerful, meaningful relationships? Then look no further than The Alliance. With every member working towards individual goals as well as collective success, The Alliance values the importance of tapping into the wealth of knowledge and resources that this unique community holds. By fostering quality relationships and collective expertise, members have access to wisdom, support and resources that give unparalleled potential to excel within their field on a personal or business level. 


The Power of Proximity 

The powerful bond formed between our members offers each person access to wisdom, support and resources that give unparalleled potential to excel within their field on a personal or business level. Proximity truly begets opportunity in this powerful connection.  It is only through proximity that we can unlock what our collective community has to offer. Whether it’s an invaluable mentor relationship or forming meaningful connections with like-minded peers, proximity gives us the chance to make an impact on each other’s lives.  By forming these quality bonds with each other, we are able to lift one another up in pursuit of our individual goals while also contributing to the collective success of The Alliance as a whole. 


Speaking Life into Each Other 

Our members are proactive in their pursuit to speak life into each other, upholding values like quality relationships and collective expertise with the aim to positively impact those around them. It's inspiring when you witness how supporting one another brings out each person's best qualities – whether it’s offering helpful advice or lending much needed encouragement – speaking life into one another has so much power within this high-performance community. We understand that there is strength in numbers which is why we strive for our members to become even more successful together than they could be apart!  


For The Alliance!

At The Alliance, we recognize that by harnessing the power of proximity and speaking life into each other we can create powerful, meaningful relationships with boundless potential for all its members. Our ultimate goal is for everyone involved in this amazing community to benefit from being part of something bigger — not just for themselves but for others too! This mutual respect creates a supportive environment where everyone can reach their full potential as individuals as well as contributing towards greater collective success. So come join us today; let’s move mountains together!


  • You want to belong to a properly curated, intentionally crafted community to allow high performing, high quality people to have a space to collectively expand life and business

  • You’re looking for true, guided, and experienced leadership in a community. Not just another free for all conversation where you struggle to extract value. 

  • You value learning from others and sharing your wisdom to contribute to other people’s growth mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and in business as well.

  • You’re willing to be open and let people get to know you and have a genuine and intentional desire to learn about fellow members of the community. Understanding that relationships are the rocket ships to success and can potentially last you a lifetime. (Or more if you’re a believer in reincarnation.)  

  • You’re open and willing to share your experiences, wisdom, knowledge, skills, advice, and practices with the community members. Though the group is facilitated and lead by me, the power of a community is truly the people in it, combining the power of group think to rip apart issues and transform them into solutions. One person will never be smarter than all our efforts combined.

  • You are not a person who embraces excuses. You don’t whine, complain, or dwell on an issue or problem. You don’t gossip or stir drama; it’s not welcome here. Lastly you aren’t a negative person always finding the problems to every solution. You embrace challenges and look at life with excitement, we build each other up and grow together. 

  • You don’t have an issue with making a financial investment into yourself – this helps extract maximum value and results by putting your skin in the game. Personal income and business growth will never exceed a person’s level of investment in themselves.

  • You want to get an ROI on your investment – You understand the true value of the communities you join is having legitimate value. Having direct access to the minds and backgrounds of the people in this community can potentially lead you to generating 6 figure deals or landing bigger and better clients through just 60 seconds of brainstorming.


Our community members are business owners, entrepreneurs, founders, and aspiring entrepreneurs. We welcome everyone who fits into the category of high performer. Each member is expected to bring an open mind, open heart, and high level of expertise from their respective field. We believe in giving as much value as we take, energetic exchanges are the foundation of our success. People who are open and willing to teach, as well as learn will find a home here. We value helping one another, transparency, as well as finding ways to bring peace and clarity to our members lives. 

As Aristotle once said – “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit.” High performers are the summation of a strong desire to live to their highest potential while developing strong identities to support the person they strive to become. Remember, only 10% of the people on this planet are creators, 85% are consumers, and 5% are observers. Members of The Alliance always strive to step into the top 10%.


Mission Statement

To become the best version of ourselves and bring that into all that we do, so we may impact, inspire, and elevate others. level. 


Vision Statement

Create a community which empowers others to create larger scale impact and provide more value to the global ecosystem.


Value Statement 

Champion the mission. We're united with our community to create a life of impact. To enrich the world ecosystem of people, places, and objects. 

Embrace the adventure. We promise to be curious and bewildered. We give ourselves the opportunity to be amazed by life and live with the thought that anything can happen, and magic is everywhere. 


Be Courageous and live boldly. We venture from endeavor to endeavor without a loss of enthusiasm. We live with optimism and go forth with unyielding confidence that we can handle anything that comes our way.  


In addition to these Values, we also vow to uphold these 11 values as we work to grow both personally and professionally.

Vincent Infante Coaching


This community has been one of the biggest and most ambitious undertakings for me personally and professionally. As a kid I suffered and struggled so much with loneliness, depression, anxiety, and pain. I’ve been alone as a lost teen, and again when I became an entrepreneur, each time all I really needed was a group of people who I felt inspired by and supported by. Each time I didn’t have it. As

I’ve grown in all aspects of life, my heaviest value in life is now on building, developing, and nurturing relationships.


This community will hold top priority in my business, you can trust that you will have access to whatever resources, supports, connections or tactics that I can provide to help with your success. You will also be provided with my phone number upon entry into The Alliance. Together we are one, together we are unstoppable, together WE ARE THE ALLIANCE!

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