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Mindset Coaching


For entrepreneurs, CEO’s/C-suit, founders, and high-level management.

Vin offers a hybrid service, which is a combination of therapy, mentoring, and life coaching. This service is for a select few individuals genuinely committed to the change process. This service is for high-performing individuals who value accelerated growth and life mastery. This intensive service with exclusive high-level access to Vin produces rapid personal and professional transformation. If you’re ready to take charge of your life and master your mindset, this service is for you!

How do I know if Mental Performance Coaching is for me? 


You may have heard of therapy, mentoring, or coaching at some point in your life. You may even be confused as to where you’re supposed to start? How do you when it’s time to choose a therapist, mentor, coach or should you even have multiple people in your life? The answer is not always easy or straight forward. In fact it can even be hard to choose based on you potentially having multiple needs at the moment. 


Vin has found that oftentimes people will seek help in multiple ways to find solutions for their multiple problems, the issue however is working with multiple people is wildly inefficient. Here’s a few reasons why:


  • You’re sharing your story with multiple people, without giving any of them the full story to truly help you, or you may have overlap and spend more time than you need on a specific area in your life without creating movement and momentum.

  • You’re spending a lot more money than you need to with very little ROI. Each service is undoubtedly causing you to spend money without being able to provide a high multiple of return because it’s split between many different people.

  • Each modality is somewhat ineffective without the others being present which means progress is happening at a slower pace than it has to.


What if you were to combine the three practices into one? What if someone were to implement aspects of therapy, mentoring, and coaching into one singular practice? What if you could speak about your childhood experiences, and explore them properly, while simultaneously building connection and trust like you would with a mentor, and finally being challenged to raise your standards and set proper goals like you would with a coach? 


Is it possible that if the three of these were to be combined you can:


  • Save time, energy and effort by consolidating all conversation with one person.

  • Increase the ROI from your personal development practices by investing in a singular service.

  • Build deeper connection and trust that the person you are confiding in truly understands you because they know all parts of you and your journey. 

  • Higher levels of support due to multiple powerful modalities combined in one service.


The answer is yes, the best and most applicable process for a high performer to achieve results is through a service that implements aspects of all modalities combined in one. 



Master Your Mindset


Live With Passion


Unlock Your Inner Leader


Develop Steadfast Confidence


Control the Trajectory of Your Life


Make Happiness Second Nature


All Hands In


For those who dare to take action 

The inner circle is a powerful community led by Licensed Psychotherapist & Mental Performance coach Vin Infante. Vin has over 13 years in mental health, has worked with thousands of people and currently is a top coach for entrepreneurs, business owners, companies, and influential individuals. In the HPC you will have a powerful opportunity to learn directly from Vin and the experts in his circle on the best ways to master your life and business.

Business Coaching in NY


For business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs

Business Coaching is one of the best investments you can make if you want to scale. It  is the ability to have someone with a fresh perspective come in and look under the hood of your business. Typically in business the problems that prevent us from growing are simple, yet we overcomplicate things or have trouble understanding where we should be moving.

Group Coaching


For business entities of all sizes.


Workshops and seminars are great ways to engage your company, or team, guiding how to progress toward the desired goal collaboratively. Each event is custom-tailored to you. Vin will sit with the team in charge and review your audience’s exact needs to learn the event’s unique goals and desired outcomes. Vin brings a blend of high energy, fun, experience, and information that will leave a lasting mark, fostering impact and results for your audience.

Alliance Logo.png


For people of all levels! Aspiring entrepreneurs, founders, CEO’s/C-suit, and low-high level management.


No one becomes successful alone. Join a community of like-minded individuals as you all support one another through the process of leadership and mastery. This Mastermind is for individuals looking for supportive communities to grow with in the long term. The Mastermind is the perfect spot to grow yourself, your network, and your friend circle and join a genuinely empowering community you’ll embrace for life!

There's nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Life Coaching in NYC

HEY YOU! Yeah, you reading this right now

You’re considering hiring a coach, but not sure if it's worth it, right? 

Listen, I get it, coaching is a significant investment, but I invite you to look at coaching as the BEST investment you can make because it’s an investment in yourself. Every successful person has had a coach or mentor -- that’s a fact! And that also includes me. 


I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars combined in traditional schooling, coaching programs, certifications, mentors, therapists, seminars, books, events, you name it, I’ve done it. I’ve not only seen the firsthand benefits it has had on my life, but I’ve also felt and lived them! 


Now I invite you to do the same. I’m so big on promoting self-growth and development because I know its effects on my life and so many others. You, too, can achieve massive change and live the life you dream of having. It’s not as hard as you may think, but it is a process that takes time and effort, just like anything else that’s life-changing. 


If you take this process seriously, I will promise you a complete life overhaul, but just like everything else, this is what you give is what you get; if you aren’t ready to invest your 100% effort, save your time and money, and come back when you are. To truly change your life, you MUST be fully committed to a successful outcome.

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